What are Saunaclub YinYang's opening hours?

Saunaclub YinYang is open 7 days a week from 11.00 am until 1.00 am. We always close on the following dates: 1 January and 24, 25, 26 and 31 December.

What is the usual procedure on arrival?

Upon arrival, you will receive a bathrobe, slippers, a bath towel and the key to your locker. After that, you can use all the facilities that Saunaclub YinYang offers, such as our restaurant, wellness area and room rental. Non-alcoholic beverages, beer and the buffet are included in the price. ‘’Any contact with our female guests is not included in the price. Our female guests set their own rates. To avoid misunderstandings, our rule is to make arrangements in advance with the female guest of your choice. Saunaclub YinYang is not a party in this."

Can I stay overnight at Saunaclub YinYang?

Staying overnight at Saunaclub YinYang is not possible. At 1.00 am our sauna club closes, and all guests leave the premises. You can of course book a hotel in the immediate vicinity of Saunaclub YinYang; hotels are available in the centre of Roermond, 4 kilometres away. Our tip: Theaterhotel van der Valk, Hotel Roermond and hotel Dux are all luxury and atmospheric hotels where you can stay overnight.

How much is the entrance fee for Saunaclub YinYang?

The entrance fee for Saunaclub YinYang is €55 if you arrive before 2 pm. If you arrive after 2 pm, the entrance fee is €65

Are food and drinks included in the entrance fee?

Non-alcoholic beverages, beer and the buffet are included in the entrance fee. You can purchase a drinks card for mixed drinks and wine from the reception.

Is Saunaclub YinYang an FKK club?

Saunaclub YinYang is not an FKK club; the female guests wear lingerie or swimwear.

What is the dress code for gentlemen?

Upon arrival, gentlemen will receive a bathrobe, slippers and a bath towel to use during their stay at YinYang.

Is swimwear permitted at Saunaclub YinYang?

In the interest of good hygiene, swimwear is not permitted in the whirlpools and indoor pools. It goes without saying that swimwear is permitted in our outdoor pool.

Are bags permitted?

Bags are not permitted in Saunaclub YinYang. Any small bags can be left in your locker. You can leave any other items in your car or at the reception.

Are the Saunaclub YinYang bathrobes for sale?

Upon arrival, you will receive a Saunaclub YinYang bathrobe. New bathrobes are for sale at the reception. Using your own bathrobe is not permitted. In addition to bathrobes, we have a variety of other merchandise for sale, such as caps and polo shirts. Perfect as a gift!

Is the use of mobile phones permitted?

To protect your privacy and the privacy of other guests, the use of mobile phones is not permitted. If you need to make an urgent phone call, you can pick up a camera cover at the reception. The use of mobile phones is permitted in the Men's Lounge.

Is it possible to visit Saunaclub YinYang as a couple?

It is not possible to visit Saunaclub YinYang as a couple. We are only accessible to individual visitors.

Does Saunaclub YinYang sell gift vouchers?

Saunaclub YinYang sells gift vouchers. These are available at the reception.

Will I receive free entrance on my birthday?

Birthday? Happy birthday! If you present your ID on the day of your birthday you will receive free entrance for this day!

Does Saunaclub YinYang offer different packages?

Saunaclub YinYang offers three different packages; you choose which one best suits your needs;

  • 'Bar & Restaurant' Package; this allows you to use the facilities of our food & drink area. Enjoy our hot and cold buffet, beer and non-alcoholic beverages in style. The entrance fee for this package is €44.
  • 'Wellness' package: for €20 you can use all our wellness facilities that Saunaclub YinYang has to offer: the swimming pools, sauna, Turkish steam bath, foot bath and whirlpools.
  • 'Relax' package; for €16 per hour you have the option to use our private rooms. This package only allows access to this section of Saunaclub YinYang, where you can get in touch with the female guests. If you would still like to make use of the facilities not included in the package, you can go to reception to pay the all-in price.

What are the opening hours of the restaurant?

The restaurant is open daily from 11.00 am until 10.00 pm.

What type of buffet is served in the restaurant today?

Our restaurant offers a variety of dishes every day, prepared with fresh products. We present these in the form of a hot and cold buffet.

How many female guests are present every day?

On average, there are 50 to 90 female guests at Saunaclub YinYang every day. This is an average number; the number of female guests varies per day.

Where do the female guests at the club come from?

Because the privacy of all our guests is very important to us, we make no statements about the identity or origin of our female guests.

Is contact with female guests included in the entrance fee?

Private contact with female guests is not included in the entrance fee. Our female guests set their own rates. Saunaclub YinYang is no party in this; please make agreements in advance with the female guest of your choice.

Is there a dress code for female guests?

The female guests of Saunaclub YinYang wear lingerie or swimwear.

Which services do the female guests perform?

Our female guests decide on the rates and rules for their services. They also decide which services they perform for our male guests. Please make agreements about this together in advance.

What rates do female guests charge?

At Saunaclub YinYang, all female guests are at liberty to set their own guidelines and rates. We are therefore unable to make statements about this. However, in our experience, the average rate is around €50 per half hour.

Is the outdoor pool open year-round?

Our heated outdoor pool is open year-round.

Does Saunaclub YinYang have an erotic cinema?

Saunaclub YinYang has an erotic cinema where you can watch a daily changing selection of movies.

What is the theme of this month's Event?

The theme of the month is a surprise every time! It is revealed on Facebook.

Is there a Business Monday party every Monday?

For the time being, Saunaclub YinYang will organise a Business Monday every Monday.

Is smoking permitted at Saunaclub YinYang?

Smoking is permitted in the heated smoking area and outside, adjacent to the bar.

How much does a traditional sports or relaxation massage cost?

In our massage parlour, you can enjoy a traditional sports or relaxation massage. These are priced at €30 for half an hour, €40 for 45 minutes and €50 for one hour.

How can I apply for a position with Saunaclub YinYang?

If you are interested in applying for a position with Saunaclub YinYang, please email your CV and personal motivation to us at info@yinyang.nl

Are spirits available?

A variety of mixed drinks, spirits and wine are available for a fee. A drinks card is available at the reception desk, which can be charged with an amount of your choice. The deposit of €5 as well as the balance left on your card will be refunded when you check out.

Is het roken van een joint toegestaan?

Drugs is ten strengste verboden, overtreders worden de toegang ontzegt.


Saunaclub YinYang is open daily from 11.00 am until 1.00 am. You can make unlimited use of the club during our opening hours. You could make a day out of it; as there is plenty to do!