YinYang Events

Saunaclub YinYang organises special events every month. These events are dedicated to a particular theme. The decoration, snacks and drinks are all adapted to this theme, and our female guests are dressed accordingly. As a result, you will imagine yourself in a different world and atmosphere during our YinYang events. Our creative team always aims to surprise you with a unique and new theme. Our female guests always make an effort to look fabulous during the events and match their outfits to the theme of the event. The entrance fee for YinYang events is €60.

Previous events

Valentines party
Magical christmas party
Masquerade party
Victoria secret party
Ibiza pool party
Navy sailor party
Sexy hot pink party
Naughty private secretary party
The great gatsby party
Glitz&Glam party
Little red dress christmas party
Kinky eastern party
Halloween party
The dukes of Hazzard
Baywatch party
Bollywood party
Black&White party
Army party
Pit babes party
Secretary party
Casino royal party
Dressy christmas party
Fifty shades of grey party
High school chicks party
Summer beach party
Shisha party
Neon party
Flower power party
Playmate bunny party
Disco party
Devious maids party